How to install WordPress LiteSpeed Cache (LSCWP) plugin

What is LiteSpeed Cache and what can it do for me?

So you have installed WordPress and are working to improve the speed of your site and you come across LiteSpeed cache. What is it? What can it do for me? LiteSpeed Cache is a fantastic tool that we fully recommend to be used at Krystal as it can drastically improve the load time of your website and also reduce resource usage on your account. It works by having the LiteSpeed Webserver caching each page, speeding up the load time of your site.


1. Login to your WordPress admin panel

2. On the left, click the 'Plugins' option. 

3. Click Add New. 

4. At the top right you will find a 'Search plugins...' box, type 'LiteSpeed Cache' then press Enter.

5. Select 'Install Now' under the LiteSpeed Cache box.

6. Once the installation has completed, click 'Activate'.


Luckily, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin comes pre-configured out of the box for the majority of websites so no changes need to be made here!


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